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Visa Debit Card

What better way to access your account 24 hours a day than with our Visa Debit Card! It can be used any place Visa is accepted. The card also doubles as an ATM card and can be used at most ATM's anywhere. Security features include a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and daily dollar limitations on cash withdrawals and Point of Sale (POS) transactions.

Safe Deposit Boxes

As an added service to our customers, we offer the security of Safe Deposit Boxes. Boxes are available in 3 sizes - 3 x 5; 3 x 10; and 10 x 10. Due to the limited number, boxes are only for customers of Austin County State Bank. Annual rent will be automatically drafted from your checking account.

Automatic Savings Plan

Customers have the option of moving a pre-determined amount from their checking account to a savings account weekly, monthly, etc.

Sweep Feature

No more overdraft fees when you set up a "sweep" from one account to another. For more information, please speak with one of our friendly bankers, 979-865-4200.

Credit Cards

Through Texas Independent Bank (TIB) we are able to offer you Visa Credit Cards upon approval. Applications are available in our lobby for Visa Credit Cards, Visa Flex Miles, and Business Flex Miles cards. Come check them out today!